—— Student of The Plan with Dan Hollings (and coach to others)

Solo mum to an opinionated teenager and 3 demanding cats, I spend most of my time helping Amazon Private Label sellers get the best possible offers when they exit thier businesses.  As a way to secure my own financial future, I invest in Crypto via the training from Dan Hollings.  This blog is a mix of interesting articles and a documentation of my personal journey through the cryptosphere.

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I am thrilled that as of December 1st I have been able to coach over 100 students through their journey with The Plan training 🙂

My Mission

Is to help you navigate the treacherous waters that make up the Crypto investing space.

To help you recognise the scams, false prophets, pump & dump schemes and show you how you can protect your finances as you navigate this brave new world.

As I am building my personal financial future, hopefully by following along, you can gain some insights which will help you do the same.

In the spirit of full disclosure, if you enroll in The Plan via my link, I’ll receive a commission. That’s one reason why I devoted so much time and energy into creating the special “No Student Left Behind” Bonus you’ll get when you sign up.